For over 100 years, Hallmark has been committed to making a valuable contribution to society and have been passionate supporters of various charities for many years. The act of giving or sending a greeting card is still considered by most, as the most effective and meaningful way of telling someone you really care; still playing an important role in enriching people’s lives and enhancing their relationships. We therefore recognise the great responsibility we have in helping Australians feel closer to the people, moments and memories that matter.


The Vision Team

The Vision Team is a group of passionate Hallmark volunteers who raise funds, provide support and donate their time to local charities, communities and Hallmarkers in need.

The Vision Team raise funds through events like our car park and warehouse sales, the National Breast Cancer Breakfast and other events organised by the efforts of the Vision Team. Charities the Vision Team has donated their time to and raised funds for include Foodbank, the Ronald McDonald House, NBCF, Blue September, Cabrini Foundation, MS Charity, Hope Village and the Oxfam Walk as well as personal donations to Hallmark employees in times of need.

Hallmark is committed to making a valuable contribution to the community, and the substantial efforts of our Vision Team demonstrate how we continually strive to put this commitment into practise.


Partnership with NBCF

Hallmark has proudly partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) for over 10 years, helping us to pursue our company vision – to create a more emotionally connected world by making a genuine difference in every life, every day. Hallmark values this longstanding relationship and is committed to raising awareness and contributing vital funds to breast cancer research.

The Hallmark Team will be forever inspired by the generosity of our valued customers who, for more than a decade, have helped us in raising over 1.4 million dollars for the NBCF. Together, we will continue to enrich the lives of women and work towards achieving the common goal of zero deaths from breast cancer in 2030.


Partnership with Blue September

Hallmark are proud to be creating awareness for Blue September through our range of Father’s Day Cards and honoured to be joining the fight with Blue September, to help raise funds to drastically reduce wait times for early diagnosis of prostate cancer in men.

Hallmark is committed to helping Blue September raise funds to achieve their key mission of purchasing specialised early diagnosis equipment for the new Prostate Cancer Centre, a world class men’s health clinic. This equipment will reduce a cancer diagnosis waiting time in the public system from four to six months to just a few days.